Mandatory Hoist Inspections

For the safe operation of hoists, ANSI and manufacturers require all hoists to undergo BOTH of the prescribe inspection types, (namely the Frequent and Periodic Inspections) on separate cycles determined by the degree of hoist usage.


The Frequent Inspection (8-pt Inspection):
This is a cursory 8-point inspection to be conducted by a competent person on a more ‘frequent’ cycle than the more in-depth Periodic Inspection.  This inspection cycle is typically monthly for normal hoist usage.

The Periodic Inspection (17-pt Inspection):
This is an in-depth inspection, conducted periodically by a qualified person, which includes the 8-point Frequent Inspection along with an additional 9 inspection points.  The inspection cycle is typically yearly for hoists experiencing normal usage.

ANSI Inspection Cycles:

ANSI and most manufacturers prescribes separate cycles for both inspection types defined by days of usage per year and operating enviornments.  The ANSI usage categories are defined as : Severe, Normal, Stand By, Rental, and Out-of-Service.

Service Classifications:

Severe Service  (Periodic Inspection every 3 months) – Hoist operates in abnormal operating environments, such as but not limited to excessive heat, weather, and caustic environments, or any other abnormal operating environments as identified by the manufacturer 

Normal Service  (Periodic Inspection Yearly) – Hoist operates more than 25 days a year but not in severe service conditions

Stand By Service  (Periodic Inspection Yearly) – Hoist operates 25 or fewer days per year but at least once per year

Rental Service  (Periodic Inspection Yearly) – Hoist is operated on an irregular schedule determined by rental use.  A hoist that is offered for rental shall have a frequent inspection prior to its next use or rental. Additionally, a periodic inspection shall be performed annually.

Out of Service  (Periodic Inspection Prior to Reintroduction in Service) – Hoist does not operate for a period of a year or longer.  Out of Service hoists shall be tagged with the hoist serial number and date removed from service. Prior to reintroduction into service a periodic inspection shall be completed.

As per ANSI guidelines our inspections include any additional recommendations describe by manufacturers.