On-Site Service

Harp understands that shipping hoists is expensive and time consuming, leaving a client’s budget thin and their hoist unavailable when needed.  Our solution to this?  If within a feasible radius of our service center, we can deploy our technicians to the client’s location to offer the same service expected of our physical service center.   With our self-contained service fleet, our team can set-up in a parking lot, a dock space, or anywhere the client desires.

Service Centers

If a hoist cannot be inspected and repaired on site, or for clients that have a large inventory or space constraints, we are happy to send a technician to retrieve the client’s hoist and take it to one of our service centers, where it can be serviced and then returned.

A list of our service center locations are as follows:

– Orlando, FL
7605 Presidents Drive
Orlando, FL  32809