The Inspection:

HARP prides itself on being the most thorough inspection offered on the market.

While most of our competitors don’t break the motors down completely (usually stopping at the gears), we actually perform an honest “break down” of the hoist motor, exposing each motor component for a true visual and tactile inspection.

The elements of our exhaustive Periodic Hoist Inspection:


Open Gear Box Hoist Inspection
Open Gear Box Inspection, by Harp Rigging
Covers & Housing
  • Signs of impact damage
  • Proper labeling
Upper Hook Suspension
  • Fasteners Replaced
  • Properly Torque
  • Hook Latch Operation
  • Wear on hook
Power and Control Cable
  • Check Wiring for Damage
  • Check Strain Relief
  • Continuity Check
Wire and Terminals
  • Check Wiring for Damage
  • Check Strain Relief
  • Continuity Check
Brake Assembly
  • Clean all Contact Surfaces
  • Check Fasteners
  • Resurface Break Pads
  • Caliper Break Pads for Proper Thickness
  • Check and Adjust Break Gaps
Limit Switch Assembly
  • Inspect and Clean Shaft
  • Check Guide Plate for Proper Contact
  • Adjust Upper and Lower Limits per User Needs
Drive Shaft and Bearings
  • Check for Proper Rotation
  • Ensure Full Engagement with Gearing and Lift Wheel
  • Check Bearing for Smooth Rotation
Chain Guides
  • Check for Cracks and Deformation
  • Proper Seating
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Check for Damage from Foreign Objects
  • Wear in Chain Pockets
  • Interior for Porper Engagement with Drive Shaft
  • Bearing for Smooth Rotation
  • Check for Damage from Foreign Objects
  • Check Depth for Wear
  • Apply Proper Amount of Grease
  • Check Winding Lamination for Wear
  • Bearing for Smooth Rotation
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Wiring for Pinches, Breaks, and Proper Terminal Contact
  • Clean chain to remove oil and debris
  • Check each link for deformation (Stretch, guages, niks)
  • Lubricate chain
  • Inspect lower hook
  • Inspect upper hook
Load Test
  • Load test (125%)
  • Overload Test (180%)
  • Current Draw


Whether it is an on-site service or a service performed at a HARP Service Center, the inspection process is the same.  We treat your motors like they’re our own.

Repair Labor Included

Repair labor fees are included in the price of our overall inspection.   If our technicians find an issue, you are only charged for the replacement part – NO ADDITIONAL LABOR CHARGES.  We already have the motor open, so that just makes sense, right?

Most problems found inside a hoist motor are solved simply by replacing a worn or damaged part.  If a replacement part is needed to keep your motor in top working order, our technician will provide you with an honest quote on the price of that part.